List of Lectures, presentations, and debates


December 3Lecture: ‘Shut your Eyes and Drown the Body’ at the Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen.
November 18Lecture: ‘The sensory experience’ at the Continuum, Kerkrade.
May 11Lecture: ‘A Museum for the Senses’ at Nationaal Militair Museum Soesterberg.


June 6Presentation: ‘About video and exhibitions’ at Loop Festival, Barcelona.


October 2Moderator public discussion about Games and Heritage, with Monobanda, studio Hubbub and Tempeest, Pausdam, Utrecht.
June 6Lecture: ‘Ideologie en intimiteit in fotografie’ (Ideology and Intimacy in Photography) at the Dutch Doc Award ceremony at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.
April 19 Lectures, ArtPlay, Moskou, Symposium ‘Action in Culture’ and Tedx:
The Museum as Halfway Station: Products, Objects and Souvenirs
The One Room Museum
Cultural Navigation through Moscow
The National Vending Machine (Tedx)
April 2Presentation: ‘Opkomst en Ondergang van het NHM’ (Rise and Fall of the Museum of National History), Dept. of Cultural Studies, Universiteit of Amsterdam.
January 10Presentation: ‘Geschiedenis op televisie’ (History on Television), Rode Hoed, Amsterdam.


2009-2011Numerous presentations on the Museum of National History, history and identity.
December 7Presentation: ‘Het ideale Museum’ (The Ideal Museum), Lakenhal, Leiden.
October 6Lecture: ‘De Stiltemetropool’ (The Quiet Metropole), Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam.
June 27Lecture: ‘The Museum of the 21st century’, Pierogi Sretenka, Moskou.
June 25Lecture: ‘Museums, Objects and Souvenirs’, Kulikovo Field, Russia.
June 24Lecture: ‘Tussen ornithologen en twitteraars’ (Between Tweeters and Ornithologists), Hendrik Muller Summer seminar, Leusden.
May 3Panel debate: ‘Hapklare geschiedenismusea’ (Attractive History Museums), DeBuren, Beursschouwburg, Brussels.


November 20Lecture: ‘Exhibiting the Nation’, NIAS, Wassenaar.
September 21Lecture: ‘Nationale geschiedenis en openbaarheid’ (National History and the Public Sphere), Atana, Amsterdam.
August 25Panel debate with Juergen Kocka about history museums, International Congress of Historical Sciences, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam.
June 23Lecture: ‘De schatkamer en de espressobar’ (The Treasure Chest and the Espressobar), Hogeschool Zeeland, Vlissingen.
May 21Lecture: ‘Politiek en geschiedenis’ (Politics and History), Dept. of History, Leiden University.
April 14Panel debate (with Jan Marijnissen en Paul Scheffer), about the Museum of National History, Spui 25, Amsterdam.
March 22Lecture: ‘Archeologie en publiek: over goudschatten en tandenborstels’ (Archeology and the Public: About Gold Treasures and Tooth Brushes), Museum van Oudheden, Leiden.


November 13Lecture: ‘Skaters op de trap’ (Skaters on the Steps), Pietje Bell Lecture, Kunsthal Rotterdam.
November 9Lecture: ‘Nationale geschiedenis en netwerkmusea’ (National History and the Network Museum, Museumconference Drenthe, Hoogeveen.
November 9Lecture: ‘Het Nationaal Historisch Museum en de 18e eeuw: mobiele kabinetten’ (The National Museum and the 18th Century: Mobile Cabinets), Teylers Museum, Haarlem.
November 2Lecture: ‘National Narratives’, Symposium Prato, Italy.
October 30Panel Debate: ‘De Stad als Laboratorium: de kunst van het verheffen’ (The City as Laboratory: Art and Emancipation), RKS, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam.
October 13Moderator Symposium ‘Alles voor de Kunst: over de rol en positie van bemiddelaars in de beeldende kunst’ (Everything for the Arts: About the Role and Position of Curators and Writers in the Visual Arts), The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam, Studio/K, Amsterdam.
October 9Moderator Symposium ‘Expanding Identities: de beeldende kunst voorbij’, Artez, Arnhem.
June 26Panel Debate about the Museum of National History,
Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch genootschap (Royal Historical Society), Royal Library, The Hague.
June 16Panel debate ‘Sire: er zijn geen Nederlanders?’ (Sire, are there no Belgians?), DeBuren, Beursschouwburg, Brussels.
May 7Keynote lecture: ‘Zien is geloven’ (Seeing is Believing) on John Calvin, Grote Kerk, Dordrecht.
April 28Key note: ‘Regionalism and Museums’, Lviv, Oekraine.

2008 and before

2002-2008Numerous presentations about the renovation of the Zeeuws Museum, regionalism, culture and museums.
October 20, 2008Panel Debate about collectioning, Mondriaan Stichting, Conservatorium, Amsterdam.
February 19, 2008Panel Debate about cultural diversity and heritage, Erfgoed Nederland and Mondriaan Foundation, Utrecht.
September 24, 2007Moderator, debate about National Funding for the Arts, Arnhem.
December 8, 2006Moderator banking interview Zeeland Business, Goes.
May 8, 2006Lecture: ‘Ethnic fashion’, Academy, Fashion Dept., Ghent, Belgium.
November 20, 2005Lecture: ‘Local Secrets, Global Messages’, Centraal Museum, Utrecht.
July 1, 2005Chair, panel Industrial Heritage, Scheldeterrein, Vlissingen.
June 20, 2005Panel Round Table about Cultural Policy, Mondriaan Stichting, SICA, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam.
January 21, 2005Moderator Symposium Dutch Eyes, Foundation for Photography in the Netherlands and the Huizinga Instituut, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
2003-2005Initiator and Moderator Zeeuws Museum Culture Debates (14 debates).
2003-2004Talkshow host Film by the Sea, Vlissingen (8 shows).
October 21, 2004Moderator TRACER –“Go for Soft Institutions”, Centre for Contemporary Art, Tent. Rotterdam.
October 15, 2004Moderator “Define Yourself”, a program about industrial heritage and the visual arts, Centre for the Visual Arts, Deventer.
September 10, 2004Moderator TRACER – “Rhizomatic Cities”, Centre for Contemporary Art, Tent. Rotterdam.
June 22, 2004Presentation and chair Regional History Multimedia Program meeting, ERNACT, London.
October 9, 2003Moderator (with Jeroen Boomgaard) ‘Why do we do it in the Road? (no one will be watching us)’, debate on social art in public space, Rietveld academie, SKOR, UvA, in: Galerie Ellen de Bruyne Projects, Amsterdam.
May 23, 2003Lecture: ‘Gescheiden paden van wetenschap en museum’,
(Separate Paths of Scholarship and Museums), Research School Art History, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
May 16, 2003Moderator debate about art and the Internet, Galerie Jan Mot, Brussel.
October 10, 2002Initiator and moderator debate ‘Fotografie in de museumwereld’ (Photography in Museums), Dutch Museum Association, Noorderlicht Festival, Leeuwarden.
September 12, 2002Moderator debate ‘Critici en de Documenta 11’ (Critics and the Documenta 11), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.
2001-2002Initiator and moderator debates Witte de With (8).
November 8-10, 2001Lecture: ‘National Identity and the Visual Arts’,
Zagreb, Rijeka en Sisak, Kroatië.
November 3, 2000Lecture: ‘Heroes among Burghers: Portrait Galleries in 19th-century New York’, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
June 2, 2000Initiator and moderator debate about company collections, galeries and museums, Nederlandse Museumvereniging, KunstRai, Amsterdam.
October 18, 2000Presentation on thematic exhibitions, Curatorial Training Programme, De Appel, centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Amsterdam.
May 22, 1997Lecture: ‘The Death of the Public Full-Length: John Neagle’s Henry Clay’, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
October 25, 1996Lecture: ‘Portrait Politics in Antebellum Philadelphia’, Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, Delaware.
August 27, 1996 Lecture: ‘Public, Private and Printed Galleries’, Smithsonian Institution: Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.
February 14, 1996Lecture: ‘The Washington Portraits’, The Philadelphia Center for Early American Studies, Philadelphia.
November 11, 1995Lecture: ‘The Jackson Figurehead: Making National Faces’, American Studies Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh.