20 mei – 31 augustus 2011

Initiator and curator

From 20 May through 31 August 2011, we presented a compact overview of Dutch history on a 100m2 footprint in the Zuiderkerk church in Amsterdam. The exhibition gave the public a taste of the type of exhibitions that theMuseum of National History planned to organise in the future. A pavilion specially developed for this exhibition by Doupil Strijkers Architects presented an overview of Dutch history with five different starting points. Using authentic objects and documents, contemporary art, film and animation, we used discursive visual commentary to present each of these starting points. The segment on the Iconoclast movement and Golden Age, for example, dealt with the beginning of early nationhood and the mythologising of the same in the souvenir industry. The segment on industrialisation historicised the contents of our kitchen cabinets; the one on our media society explored the omnipresence of images in our world view.

100m2NL was a collaborative project with Doupil Strijkers Architects (pavilion design), Marieke Kums, Cristina Garcia Martin (films), Robin Stam (drawings and design catalogue and website), and design by Doepel Strijkers Architects and Robin Stam / Vijf890. In collaboration with Heijmerink Wagemakers, Humanique, Solid Lighting Design, Arup, Marieke Kums, John Nurminen Prima, BeamSystems, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, NOS broadcasting company, the Drents Museum, the Royal Library, The National Archive, The Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles / Royal Delft, Rijksmuseum of Antiquities, the West Frisian Archive.

Made possible with the support of ING.