Going Local

Going Local

2004 – 2007

Concept and content

People living in the province of Zeeland seem down to earth and pragmatic but have a colourful and exuberant fashion history that is expressed in spectacular veiled lace caps, shirts decorated with blood-red flowers, silk capes, chintz skirts and red coral chokers. For a good part of the 20th century, these rich collections remained hidden from public view. As part of the renovation of the regional Zeeuws Museum, we worked hard to change the static perspective on these collections. We mixed and matched various dress traditions, worked with contemporary fashion designers and academies, started a ZL (Zeeland) label and produced a series of films. As result, when the museum re-opened, it had fully-fledged fashion galleries centred around the traditional dress collections. The region’s traditional costume has become a source of inspiration for designers and art schools interested in local and ethnic fashion.

Going Local was a collaborative project by the Zeeuws Museum team with, among others, artists Paul and Menno de Nooijer who made the films Strip Show 1850 (2004) and Going Local (2007), the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and the Art Academy of Ghent. See also the publication Zeelander Collection (2007).

Funding: Mondriaan Foundation, VSB Fund, Dioraphte, Delta.

For a fragment of Strip Show 1850, click here, for further information, check out www.zeeuwsmuseum.nl