Poets of Beijing

Poets of Beijing
Exhibition at the Wiebengahal, Maastricht

Nov 26 2016 – Jan 8, 2017

Curator with Liu Chengru and Han Kunzhe

Poets of Beijing showed the works of 14 artists working in China’s capital city. Beijing’s economic prosperity fuels a fast growing art market that is a magnet for young artists. This group is often viewed as a new generation of artists, the so-called post-80s generation. Instead of expressing their relationship to the west, as earlier Chinese artists have done, members of this post-80s generation search for an introspective and independent exploration of art and society. Within this framework, they produce a rich and varied body of works. Yan Bing’s wheat murals echo the yellow earth of the countryside of his home province Gansu. Chen Youtong, biologist and native of Guangzhou, transformed his studio into a factory-lab hybrid to study the life of microbes. Kun Niao is a magazine editor and a recognized poet, Lin Ke is one of China’s most prolific internet artists.

Participating artists: Yan Bing, Zhao Yao, Chen Youtong, Han Wuzhou, Lin Ke, Liu Chengrui, Wang Yuyang, Ha Nisi, Kun Niao, Zhang Zhenyu, Wang Liwei, Bu Yunjun, Zhang Muchen en Wang Haiyang.

Poets of Beijing was a collaborative project by Marres, China International Cultural Association (CICA), Youth Plus, DutchCulture, China Arts and Entertainment group, Beijing Wenchuang International Art Company.

Browse through the exhibition booklet here.