Exhibition at Marres Maastricht

6 September  – 23 November 2014

Initiator and curator

Sometimes we wish that we had written history differently. Or that we had left history unwritten because the perspective was one-sided, unjust or brutal. We wish to undo that history because it provides a perspective that we no longer accept or that we even loathe. At other times, our new sensitivities uncover histories that have never been told because they were considered unimportant, forgotten, unfinished or overtaken by other perspectives. We feel nostalgia for a lost world, anger at injustices, euphoria with the correction of those injustices, dismay at a wrong turn and relief at a right one. They are all emotional and sometimes even sensory experiences caused by the unexpected turn that history sometimes takes and the way it has erased other stories.

The Unwritten was dedicated to these forgotten stories, to profound, amusing, sad, and compelling histories about concealed murder, suppressed love, tarnished innocence, and frustrated ideals that strongly appeal to our imagination and empathy. With works by Oscar Munoz, Koki Tanaka, Adela Babanova, Carlos Motta, Gert Jan Kocken, Song Ta, Annie Kevans, Zachary Formwalt and Günther K.‘s Margret collection.

Browse through the exhibition booklet here (essay by Valentijn Byvanck on pages 2-20).