Blueprint Plans, sketches and story of the Museum of National History (2008-2011).


Author / co-editor

Blueprint displays the results of three years of preparation for a museum of the 21st century.

In 2008, a Museum of National History was established in the Netherlands at the instigation of the Dutch parliament. Its mission was to present Dutch history to the broadest possible public. In its formative stage, the museum organized numerous events and projects, developed a network of historical initiatives, and stood at the cutting edge of the digital revolution – all in the expectation that work would soon begin on the new museum building. Yet just three years after it was founded, the Museum of National History was shut down by the Dutch government.

Blueprint offers insight into the selection of subject matter, the museum’s approach to history, the exhibition and display options (digital and otherwise), and the building’s interior design and multipurpose concept. The book also presents a brief history of the Dutch Museum of National History and an overview of all the projects and people associated with it.  Blueprint is a source of inspiration for museums and heritage institutions, and for anyone intrigued by the plans, ideas and potential for a museum of the 21st century.


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